Major Requirements

While there are specified required courses within the DXARTS major, students have the opportunity to create a unique and individual course of study.  Students will complete a minimum of 64 credits of DXARTS, including:

  1. DXARTS 202 (5 credits)
  2. DXARTS 400 (9 credits)
  3. DXARTS 461, DXARTS 462, DXARTS 463 (15 credits)
  4. Completion of one of the following three DXARTS sequences (15 credits): DXARTS 441, DXARTS 441, DXARTS 443 (3D Motion and Graphics); DXARTS 451, DXARTS 452, DXARTS 453 (Video); DXARTS 471, DXARTS 472, DXARTS 473 (Mechatronics).
  5. Completion of a third core sequence as listed above or one of the following fundamentals courses dealing with a third content area (5 to 15 credits): DXARTS 440, 450, 460, or 470.
  6. Senior thesis in the form of 15 credits of DXARTS 491, DXARTS 492, and DXARTS 493, including the completion and exhibition of a BFA thesis project that is a significant and original contribution both aesthetically and technically.

20-30 credits in additional DXARTS courses or from a list of approved electives in other areas are required to bring the total major credits to 94. A grade of at least 2.0 is required in each individual DXARTS course and approved elective. A cumulative GPA of 2.50 is required for all DXARTS courses and approved electives.