Last Name First Name Position Title Email Work Phone Web Site
Joeandersonbw1-inline Anderson Joseph Staff Research Scientist (206) 543-6780 Extended Profile
Paul%20berger-inline Berger Paul Faculty Professor (206) 685-2796
Hbb-inline Bravo Benard Hector Graduate Student Extended Profile
Annabelcastro-inline Castro Annabel Graduate Student Extended Profile
Int_crop-inline Coupe James Faculty Associate Professor (206) 543-4218 Extended Profile
Fetzb&w-inline Fetz Eberhard Affiliate Faculty Professor, Department of Physiology & Biophysics, Core Staff, Regional Primate Research Center; Adjunct, Department of Bioengineering
Billie_human_anatomy-inline Grace Billie Staff Administrator (206) 543-4218 Extended Profile
Blake3-inline Hannaford Blake Affiliate Faculty Professor of Electrical Engineering, Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Surgery (206) 543-2197
Yolandeharris-inline Harris Yolande Visiting Artist Visiting Artist Extended Profile
4culture-inline Hughes James Graduate Student (206) 543-9420 Extended Profile
Jiweiwei90-inline Johnson Jimmy Staff Fremont Lab Manager
Shinm_me2-small-inline Kang Eunsu Alumni Extended Profile
Director_welcome-inline Karpen Richard Faculty Professor (Director, School of Music) Extended Profile
Allison_kudla-inline Kudla Allison Alumni Extended Profile
Jakebw-inline Lambert Jacob Staff Communications Specialist (206) 543-3768
Hanaprofile_2-inline Lee Ha Na Graduate Student Extended Profile
Image-inline Lee Inmi Graduate Student Extended Profile
Stelios_bea5_bluegreen_crop_500x500-inline Manousakis Stelios Graduate Student Extended Profile
Mccrea_bw-inline McCrea Michael Staff Research Scientist Extended Profile
Barbara%20mones-inline Mones Barbara Faculty Senior Lecturer (206) 616-3423
Moss-inline Moss Pete Graduate Student Extended Profile
Joelprofile-inline Ong Joel Graduate Student Extended Profile
Chris-ozubko-by-doug-manelski-inline Ozubko Chris Faculty Professor (Director, School of Art) (206) 685-2442
Marcin-paczkowski-inline Pączkowski Marcin Graduate Student Extended Profile
Juan_144x144-inline Pampin Juan Faculty Associate Professor, (Director, DXARTS) (206) 616-6258 Extended Profile
Noel2-inline Paul Noel Graduate Student Extended Profile
Petric-inline Petric Maja Alumni Extended Profile
Raikes-inline Raikes Heather Alumni Extended Profile
Zero_cropped3-inline Rice Tivon Graduate Student Extended Profile
Edshanken-inline Shanken Ed Faculty Visiting Associate Professor (206) 221-6085 Extended Profile
Hugo%20solis-inline Solis Hugo Graduate Student
Img_2538-inline Trainor Meghan Graduate Student Extended Profile
Ewatrebacz_2013-inline Trebacz Ewa Staff Research Scientist (206) 616-7951 Extended Profile
Robert_machine-inline Twomey Robert Graduate Student Extended Profile
Screen%20shot%202010-01-24%20at%204.54.11%20pm-inline Varchausky Nicolás Graduate Student Extended Profile
Annie%20wan-inline Wan Annie Alumni Extended Profile
Watras_color-inline Watras Melia Affiliate Faculty Associate Professor of Music (Viola) (206) 543-1233