Hugo Solis



Hugo Solis (1976, México City) is currently a Ph.D student at DXARTS. His main interests are musical structure of improvised music, human computer musical interaction, and audiovisual systems. Currently he works on the development of sonic and visual extensions for acoustic pianos and also plays with the Juum duet.

He holds a DEA of Computer Sciences and Digital Communication from the Pompeu Fabra Univeristy where he was member of the Music Technology Group. At UPF, he founded the ensAmble Crumble and he developed computational analysis of its music.

He also got a Masters degree in Media Arts and Sciences at the MIT Media Laboratory at the Opera of the Future group where he developed IMPI an audiovisual system for improvisatory music. He also contributed to the Toy Symphony project.

As an undergrad, he studied piano, composition and music technology at the Escuela Nacional de Música of the UNAM in Mexico City. He also studied computer music with Nick Didkovsky at NYU. His interests in technology and improvisatory music inspired him to found the NICROM Trio, an interdisciplinary ensemble of electro-acoustic improvisatory music with action painting. Since then, he has played piano and electronics and has collaborated in many interdisciplinary projects in conjunction with dancers, painters, film-makers and radio-artists. In recent years, Hugo has also created several multimedia works and installations. He has received grants from the FONCA, the PAEE-FONCA, the UNAM and TELMEX.