Ewa Trębacz's "Polish Music Today" is Second Inversion's album of the week

July 07 2014

Ewa Trębacz's solo CD Polish Music Today: Portraits of Contemporary Polish Composers has been selected as the album of the week by King FM's Second Inversion, their online channel devoted to contemporary music.

The album is available to stream at the Second Inversion SoundCloud channel, or on their website at: http://secondinversion.org/2014/07/07/465/, where you can also find a interviews with Ewa and Josiah Boothby (French horn, collaborator on much of the disc release).

Portraits of Contemporary Polish Composers: Ewa Trębacz

Polish Radio, Polish Music Information Center and Polish Composers' Union (ZPK) released Ewa Trębacz's monographic CD as part of the new series Muzyka Polska Dzisiaj (Polish Music Today), promoting new works created by contemporary Polish composers, living and working in Poland and abroad.  The CD includes 5 works by Trębacz, created between 2000 and 2013, ranging from solo works with electronics to large orchestral works with ambisonic sound.