Financial Support

Doctoral students will play a major role in the research and educational missions of DXARTS. We expect to be able to offer each admitted PhD student a minimum of 2 years of full tuition waiver with a competitive stipend plus an additional 2 years of support contingent upon successful completion of the qualifying critique at the end of the second year and passing the general examination at the end of the third year in the program.

All funded students will have appointments as Teaching Assistants, Staff Assistants, or Research Assistants and we intend to give each student a variety of such assignments. During their time as funded Ph.D. students they will have assignments assisting in the instruction of courses taught by faculty members, as lead instructors teaching in some of our undergraduate courses, as lab assistants helping to run and maintain the laboratories and studios.
As research assistants: working with faculty and guest researcher/artists on major collaborative projects.
As research fellows: pursuing their own projects and working on projects in collaboration with others.
An important part of a Digital Artist's education is to learn how to manage an experimental digital studio or laboratory. Graduate Staff appointments are integral to the research program in DXARTS. Students will gain experience learning to build and manage labs and how to work as a team member in such facilities. Graduates from the PhD program will be prepared to take on leadership roles in their future careers based on many of the skills gained through these staff assignments.