Who automatically qualifies for access?

  • DXARTS Faculty
  • DXARTS Graduate Students
  • DXARTS Undergraduate Majors
  • Students enrolled in the Mechatronics sequence 

Who conditionally qualifies for access?

Anyone associated with the UW who doesn't automatically qualify for access may apply for access through CARTAH. Students in DXARTS classes, other than Mechatronics, need to file a CARTAH appication to approve their project and be granted access.

How do I get access?

To obtain access, contact the Fremont Lab Manager, Jimmy Johnson. Access is provided after an orientation session during which you'll be:

  • issued an alarm code for the building
  • trained on how to properly use the alarm system
  • briefed on the rules
  • briefed on the available resources

Following the orientation session you'll need to see Billie Grace in the main DXARTS office (207 Raitt Hall) to get a key to building.


Anyone with access has 24 hour use of the building. Access to the building does not grant automatic access to power tools. Lab users must go through an orientation on each power tool in the shop before they may use the tool. Additionally, power tools may only be used during the following hours:

  • Graduate Students may use power tools from 6am to midnight as long as they have a "buddy".
  • Undergraduate Students may only use power tools from 8am to 6pm with the supervision of the lab manager, the Mechatronics TA,  the Fab Lab GSA or a DXARTS Faculty member. If a supervisor is not around, no power tools shall be used.

No power tools may be used between the hours of 12am and 6 am.

These premises are alarmed and under 24hr video surveillance.